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Bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK and has been for many years. Bingo players enjoy coming together with their friends and crossing off their numbers in the hope that they will one day land that full house prize or even jackpot.

Of course, for those who have never played bingo before, the game might seem a bit daunting. Not to worry though as we have pulled together all of the important information that you need in order to play bingo either online or at your local bingo hall.

Playing Bingo at a Hall

Bingo is traditionally played in person with a group of people having physical cards in front of them with numbers lined up. There are bingo halls all over the UK and many of these have been standing for a long time. Traditionally, players would go to the bingo hall at the weekend, buy some cards for the big game and hopefully go home with a huge wad of cash.

While bingo halls have decreased in popularity over recent years, it is still possible to play bingo in a retail setting. So, check out if your local bingo hall has a space for you.

Playing Online Bingo

If you have never played online bingo before then you might be wondering how this kind of game would translate and be played on a desktop or smartphone. Online bingo is actually very advanced, and tons of the best free online bingo offer a range of games that you can easily play.

To play online bingo, all you need to do is sign up, buy some tickets and watch the numbers appear. Typically, online bingo is the preferred option with players as it is more convenient and also easier to play, especially if you are new to the game.

Types of Games On Offer

If you are brand new to bingo, then you might be wondering what all of the different rooms and game types mean. What’s the difference between a 75-ball and a 90-ball game? Here is what you need to know when it comes to how to play bingo.

75-ball bingo

75-ball bingo is one of the most common types of games, especially in the world of online bingo. Usually, you can win a line prize horizontally, diagonally or vertically, depending on the game.

80-ball bingo

80-ball bingo isn’t quite as popular as 75-ball bingo, but it is featured a lot more online than in bingo halls. The great thing about 80-ball bingo is that you can win by crossing off your numbers in a pattern set out by the game.

90-ball bingo

90-ball bingo is very popular with players, especially those who are just learning how to play. There are tons of jackpots available in 90-ball bingo games, but they can be harder to reach. You can find 90-ball bingo games online and at bingo halls.

How Is It Played?

Depending on the kind of bingo game you choose to play, you might find that the rules will differ slightly. So, if you are new to bingo, it might be worth trying out one specific variant so you can get to grips with how the game is played and how you can win.

Most of the games will follow the same kind of format with players required to purchase a bingo card to take part in the game. Ticket prices will depend on the game format and the jackpot prize that is on offer. You could expect to pay 5p for a ticket or as much as £10 if the prize pot is worth it. Sometimes, you can even play free bingo so look out for this.

Once everyone has purchased their cards or tickets for the upcoming game, it will begin. The numbers will be randomly drawn and called out one by one.

If a number on your card is called out, you should mark or cross it off either online or with a dabber if you are in a local bingo hall. This continues until one of the players calls out a line win or a full house. Yes – it really is that simple!

How to Win at Bingo

When you are playing bingo, you’ll notice that your card starts to fill up with crossed off numbers before you know it. So, how do you win? Here are some of the kinds of wins that you can achieve in a classic bingo game:

1 Line Win

If you manage to mark all of your numbers in one line across your card, you could be awarded a prize.

2 Line Win

Once the 1-line prize has been awarded, you usually play for 2 lines. This can often be 2 lines that are next to each other or lines anywhere on the card. There isn’t always a prize for a 2 line win so look out for this.

Full House Win

If you manage to cover all of the numbers on your card, you will win the full house prize. This will usually be the biggest prize on offer for that particular game.

Responsible Gambling

If you do decide to play bingo, we recommend that you do so responsibly. You should always be careful about how much you are spending on the games and when the fun stops, you should stop. Most bingo sites will offer limits that you can set on your account to stop you from overspending.

Responsible gambling is very important, especially if you are going to be playing online bingo. It can be very easy to buy one too many tickets for a bingo game.

Give It A Try

If you have never played bingo before then you are seriously missing out. Bingo is a lot of fun, regardless of whether you are playing it online or at your local bingo hall. Bingo is great for making friends and hopefully winning a jackpot prize if you are lucky.

Use the tips and tricks that we have given you in this guide to start playing Britain’s favourite game sooner rather than later!

If you need further help, check out our help page for more information